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About Us

Established as a Singapore based trading company more than 50 years ago, we started off representing several well-known international tools and machineries manufacturers from USA, Japan and other European countries to serve both local and regional industrial customers in the 1970s to service various industry sectors including ship building and repair, offshore oil and gas, heavy engineering, refineries, construction and government sectors. 




- Pneumatic Work Tools for Heavy Engineering 

- Solar Powered Equipment for Worksite

- Mobile Hospitals, Medical Equipment and Supplies

- LWIR, MWIR & SWIR Optical Products


Trading & MRO

Over the years, we have expanded our services into supplying ICT equipment to both regional commercial and government customers to cater to the growing needs of such equipment in the information age. We have supplied wireless backhaul, PtP, PtMP and MESH solutions to various regional customers.  

In addition we also provide maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of high value precision production machineries through our network of workshops to extend service lifes of such equipment, thereby bringing added value to customers through life cycle extension services.

Project & Structured Finance Services

We provide international project financing and structured financing solutions working closely with our network of financial institutions across the globe to provide creative financing solutions for commercial companies and state companies.



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153 Kampong Ampat
#05-01 Jun Jie Industrial Building
Singapore 368326
Tel:  (65) 6383-0473
Fax: (65) 6383-0490